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TechnologyUkraine creates history with world's first AI diplomat Victoria Shi

Ukraine creates history with world’s first AI diplomat Victoria Shi


In a groundbreaking move, Ukraine has taken artificial intelligence to the realm of diplomacy by introducing the 's first AI diplomat. Named Victoria Shi, the virtual representative aims to assist human diplomats through timely updates and statements on consular matters.

In an official announcement, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that Shi will serve as its digital spokesperson. Crafted using advanced AI tools, Shi debuts as an animated persona delivering pre-written communications. Tasks like reading official statements will now be performed through her visual avatar.

Interestingly, Shi's voice model is based on renowned Ukrainian singer Rosalie Nombre, who lent her vocal talents freely. However, the ministry was quick to clarify that Shi and Nombre are separate entities, with only the former conveying ministry declarations. Strings of unique QR codes will also accompany each statement, directly linking to authenticated text versions on their website.

The cutting-edge behind Shi aims to streamline workflows and optimize resource usage for overburdened diplomats. As the world's first AI representative in the foreign relations domain, she signifies Ukraine's pioneering spirit in embracing innovative solutions. Shi's debut suggests AI's growing prevalence across multiple industries and ability to augment human activities.

With accuracy and transparency as priorities, the ministry has left no stone unturned to ensure Shi's statements remain factual. From utilizing advanced deepfake prevention to human verification of content, they are setting a gold standard for responsible AI deployment.

As Victoria Shi starts making headlines globally, Ukraine is proving yet again that necessity is the mother of invention. Only time will tell if other nations similarly leverage AI's potential to reshape conventions and forge new diplomacy paradigms.

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