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TechnologyMajor AI and security upgrades announced for Android mobile operating system

Major AI and security upgrades announced for Android mobile operating system


Google has unveiled a host of new artificial intelligence and security features headed to the Android operating system later this year. At their annual I/O developer conference, the tech giant shared a look at how AI will transform the Android experience and keep users safe.

One significant addition is a ‘Theft Detection Lock' using on-device sensors and AI to detect if a phone is stolen. It will automatically lock the device, similar to Apple's Find My feature. This aims to curb theft by making stolen devices inaccessible. Another security tool is a dedicated ‘Private Space' to isolate sensitive apps and data into a separate user profile hidden behind encryption.

Android 15 will also better secure messaging with OTPs by hiding notifications and restricting sideloaded apps' access. The latest version brings app archiving too, letting users save storage by idling unused apps while keeping data intact for future use.

In addition, Android is testing scam call detection during voice calls. Leveraging AI models, it will analyze patterns and flag potentially fraudulent calls in real-time for users. Circle to Search, initially on Galaxy and Pixel phones, will now support over 100 million devices, letting users launch searches with gestures.

Other AI upgrades include overlaying the Gemini assistant on any app to access information. Users can ask or PDFs questions without manual searching. Google aims to rollout these capabilities system-wide within months using its advanced neural network.

The tech giant also discussed expanding AI features to enhance productivity and across Android, Gmail, and beyond. With AI at the core of future offerings, the possibilities are endless for more personalized and helpful mobile experiences. Android 15's second beta is available now to developers and will see a full public launch later this year.

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