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TechnologyAWS pledges $16.4 billion investment in India's digital transformation

AWS pledges $16.4 billion investment in India’s digital transformation


At the ongoing AWS Summit in Bengaluru, the cloud computing giant highlighted its dedication to the Indian market through extensive investments and strategic partnerships over the coming decade.

Speaking at the keynote address, Jaime Valles, Vice President of AWS Asia Pacific and Japan, spoke about the organization's vision and how investing in the country's growth aligns with building a brighter future globally.

Valles noted India's unique position as a diverse, multilingual nation presents both opportunities and challenges that push innovation through direct customer feedback. He explained that with over 80% of major Indian tech companies' revenues coming from outside, supporting their success in the local market has worldwide implications.

The executive reiterated AWS's long-standing commitment to supporting India's progress, pledging ongoing cooperation and responsibilities. The company has already poured $3.7 billion into local infrastructure and aims to invest an additional $12.7 billion by 2030 for a total outlay of $16.4 billion.

This infrastructure investment is projected to generate 130,000 annually and contribute $23.3 billion to India's GDP. AWS also prioritizes sustainability, targeting 100% renewable energy use by 2025 and becoming water positive by 2030.

Valles outlined a 4 pillar strategy focusing on expanding infrastructure access, developing skills, empowering partners, and ensuring security. This aims to democratize tech inclusion, equip millions with AI training, foster collaboration and deliver scalable, secure solutions.

He emphasized AWS shares its of experimentation, learning from mistakes, putting customers first and using data-driven decisions with partners. In concluding, Valles invited attendees to maximize learning at the Summit and reaffirmed mutual commitment to building a prosperous future for India and beyond.

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