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EntertainmentSonakshi Sinha comments on controversial rape scene featuring Manisha Koirala in Netflix's...

Sonakshi Sinha comments on controversial rape scene featuring Manisha Koirala in Netflix’s ‘Heeramandi’


Sonakshi Sinha comments on the controversial scene from Netflix's ‘Heeramandi'

Netflix's much talked about period drama ‘Heeramandi' directed by celebrated filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali a difficult scene that has sparked debates. The scene involved the character of Mallika Jahan played by veteran actress Manisha Koirala facing sexual abuse. This left a strong impact on audiences as well as the characters within the story.

Lead actress Sonakshi Sinha who portrayed the character of the ambitious courtesan Fareedan in the series has now opened up about how her character reacted to the traumatic event involving her rival. In an interview with a leading portal, Sonakshi discussed how even though Fareedan is shown as someone with negative traits like anger and jealousy, it is all justified given her background and struggles.

When asked about Fareedan's reaction to the violence against Mallika Jahan, Sonakshi stated that SLB is known for creating multi-dimensional female characters who have agency despite the hardships faced. Though Fareedan is determined to succeed, she is still human with emotions. The shocking act of violence against her opponent makes even the vengeful Fareedan feel empathy. Sonakshi praised how the director portrays justified negative traits while keeping the characters grounded and layered.

Though Fareedan derives pleasure from her rival's misfortunes initially, the horrific incident makes her realize that some lines should not be crossed. Sonakshi said she enjoyed playing the grey character who is unapologetic yet has understandable reasons for her actions and reactions. The scene in question has been both lauded and criticized for its intent at representing the dark realities of the time period portrayed in ‘Heeramandi'.

Overall, it is evident Sonakshi appreciated the complex portrayal of her role while acknowledging the sensitivities around certain impactful scenes in the critically acclaimed series.

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