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Teen hospitalized after liquid nitrogen in paan causes perforated stomach

“Teen Girl Hospitalized After Liquid Nitrogen Paan Mishap”

A shocking incident in Bengaluru has highlighted the risks associated with an emerging food trend. A 12-year-old girl is recovering after developing a serious stomach condition requiring emergency surgery. According to reports, she decided to try a “smoky paan” containing liquid nitrogen that has been gaining popularity. However, within a short time, she began experiencing severe abdominal pain.

Rushed to a local hospital, examinations revealed the concerning diagnosis of “perforation peritonitis” – a hole had formed in her stomach lining. Surgeons quickly determined that an operation would be necessary to address the issue and prevent further complications. During the laparotomy procedure, a 4x5cm portion of her stomach was surgically removed.

Thankfully, her condition improved and she was discharged after a weeklong hospital stay. However, the case serves as an important warning. The leading surgeon involved emphasized the need for caution with liquid nitrogen in food preparation. Its rapid vaporization within a contained space can generate intense pressure. There are also risks from inhaling the fumes or direct skin exposure to the hazardous chemical.

With increased experimentation in the culinary , greater public awareness of safety is paramount. This incident proves that while novelty treats may seem harmless fun, the consequences can be life-threatening without due care and oversight. As use of substances like liquid nitrogen expands, remains vital to prevent similar medical emergencies in the future.

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