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Life StyleNutrition Experts Say Eggs Remain a Smart Summer Food Choice

Nutrition Experts Say Eggs Remain a Smart Summer Food Choice


As the hotter months arrive, many wonder if eggs still have a place on the menu. However, nutrition experts say eggs provide valuable nutrients and should remain part of a balanced summer diet.

Eggs are packed with high-quality protein and other important nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Registered dietitians Kannika Malhotra and Amita Gadre point out that contrary to popular belief, eggs themselves do not significantly raise body temperature.

Precautions need to be taken with hydration and food safety in warm . But overall, eggs can fit well into summer eating. Their protein and micronutrients support energy levels, immunity, eye and more.

Some easy egg dishes for the season include scrambles paired with veggies, hard-boiled eggs in fresh salads, and frittatas made with seasonal produce. For non-egg options, lentils, beans, tofu, nuts and seeds deliver plant-based protein.

With balanced summer meals and proper storage, eggs can provide nutrition without causing discomfort. Readers are reminded that individual tolerance varies, and it is best to listen to one's body. But according to dietary experts, nutritious eggs still earn their place on the seasonal menu.

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