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OpinionsFar right parties start massive campaign to take control of European Parliament

Far right parties start massive campaign to take control of European Parliament


Centrists and Left are hopelessly weak as June 6 to 9 polls become crucial

By Satyaki Chakraborty

The far right parties of Europe have started massive joint campaign to sweep the elections to European Parliament scheduled for three days June 6 to June 9 this year. Presently, the EP is dominated by a combination of centrists mild right and various shades of Left. But in the last four years, the European Union members excluding Spain have seen the strengthening of the far right in the elections. As a result, the combined strength of the far right parties is far more compared to the present position of the anti far right parties.

Political observers of the EP elections are of the view that the far right will be in a position to control the new Parliament after the June elections in view of their present political strength and the weakness of the centrists as also the left and socialists. This means that Europe will witness a turbulent period in the coming months affecting the immigrants and the religious minorities. The shades of fascism are evident from the speeches given by the far right leaders during the election campaign.

In fact, Far-right leaders have kicked off their European Union election campaigns at a rally in Spain, declaring support for Israel and against immigration.. This rally was deliberately held in Madrid because it was only Spain among the EU nations which is led by a coalition of the Socialists and the communists ruling the country for some months. Spain has made known its strong position against Israel's genocide in Gaza. Spain government has not allowed arms shipment by other western nations through Spanish ports.

French National Rally party leader Marine Le Pen and Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni were among those trying to win voters at an event organised by Spain's Vox party in Madrid on Sunday. Vox Party like Meloni's party is a firm supporter of the fascist ideas. Spanish ruling coalition rebuffed all attempts by Vox for a right wing take over of Spain.

Ms Meloni, whose Brothers of Italy party has foundations in Benito Mussolini's fascism, said they aimed to make June 9 a “day of liberation and hope” and called for young people to vote. Portugal's Chega party leader Andre Ventura lobbied against migration, saying: “We are not against human rights, but we want strong borders in Europe … because it is ours. “We cannot continue to have this massive influx of Islamic and Muslim immigrants into Europe.”

Ms Le Pen of the France advocated for reform of the Schengen area, which allows free movement of people within the bloc's borders, so that “Europe allows each country to choose who enters and who leaves its territory.”

Vox president Santiago Abascal called for unity of the far-right saying: “In the face of globalism we must respond with a global alliance of patriots in of common sense, economic prosperity, security and freedom.”

Spanish left led by the Spanish Communist Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz also organized a huge demonstration in the streets of Madrid against the fascist threat. There were slogans of' ‘No more Fascists'.. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned that the Spanish government will not allow any incitement by the outside far right parties within Spain.

However, the ground reality before the European Parliament elections is that the Far Right is going unchallenged by the anti-Right parties in the election campaign. While the Far Right parties are united, the anti-Right forces have no unity of action. It seems that already, they are reconciled to far Right capture of European Parliament in the June elections. Europe is again heading towards a grim Xenophobic social and political situation. That is the tragedy of Europe once again. (IPA Service)

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