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Life StyleNatural summer coolant badam pisin offers heat relief and health benefits

Natural summer coolant badam pisin offers heat relief and health benefits


Did you know there is a natural remedy that cools the body during summer and also offers numerous benefits? Badam pisin, also known as almond gum, is an effective home treatment for dealing with hot that is widely used in . Made from the powder of badam or almonds, this soluble fiber forms a gel when soaked in water or milk. Let's explore how it can combat summer heat and promote overall wellness.

As temperatures rise, many look for refreshments that quench thirst and cool the body from within. Badam pisin fits the bill perfectly with its cooling nature. When mixed with fluids, it hydrates the system while replenishing lost moisture. This makes it a popular choice for avoiding dehydration in summertime. According to experts, badam pisin's gel-like texture aids digestion too. It softens in the stomach and aids food passage.

In addition to relieving summer woes, almond gum boasts notable health benefits. shows it supports gut, heart, and skin health. Badam pisin is rich in antioxidants that safeguard cells from damage. It also contains minerals, vitamins, and fibre for nutritional balance. Regular use is linked to reduced inflammation, healthier digestion, and balanced blood sugar levels. Some naturopaths even recommend it for weight gain since almonds are a good source of protein and carbohydrates.

For those seeking natural remedies, badam pisin shines as a versatile summer coolant as well as a protective treatment. Its gel form mixes easily into beverages, desserts or alone for a refreshing boost. Overall, incorporating this almond-based powder into the diet seems a nourishing way to face the heat while gaining various health perks. So this summer why not experiment with badam pisin and experience its cooling, nourishing effects?

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