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Life StyleThe Optimal Times to Enjoy Sugar According to Nutrition Experts

The Optimal Times to Enjoy Sugar According to Nutrition Experts


While indulging in sweets now and then is not entirely off limits, the timing of sugar consumption makes a big difference to our and wellness, according to nutrition experts. Sonia Bakshi, a respected dietitian, warns that a regular high sugar diet poses far greater risks than just weight gain, from disrupted sleep to mood issues and even inflammation that can damage our hearts. However, she shares some insights on when opting for sweets may be relatively safer.

Bakshi explains that metabolism tends to be faster in the morning, meaning our bodies are better equipped to handle any sugar at that time. However, she discourages sugary breakfasts like pastries or cereals since these provide an immediate spike yet lack nutrients for balance. A faster digestive process after overnight fasting also ups sugar sensitivity initially.

Consuming sugar a bit later, around lunch, is preferable since metabolism is still reasonably active. Bakshi also notes sugar can aid post-workout muscle recovery when timed appropriately. Nonetheless, strict moderation of portions remains key to avoid exceeding daily limits no matter when eating sweets.

Interestingly, while nighttime treats are a common pleasure, Bakshi warns against them. Not only can they disrupt sleep crucial for restoration, she cites risks of digestive issues and impairing the precious gut microbiome balance. Overall, mindful small indulgences balanced with other nutrients seem to be the approach rather than complete sugar demonization.

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