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EntertainmentDirector Hansal Mehta's story of overcoming struggles after first movie flopped

Director Hansal Mehta’s story of overcoming struggles after first movie flopped


Renowned director Hansal Mehta's 2000 dark comedy movie ‘Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar' did not have the desired success at the box office. The film failed to impress audiences and critics. After facing huge losses, Mehta found himself in debt and went through very difficult times both personally and professionally. In a recent interview, he opened up about how the movie's failure pushed him into a dark phase filled with financial troubles and alcoholism.

Struggling to repay loans taken for the movie's production, Mehta had to face angry moneylenders. At the same time, some took offense to a dialogue in the film and violently protested against him. His office was vandalized and clothes were torn apart. Mehta had to publicly apologize while being physically and verbally assaulted. The traumatic experience left him shattered both mentally and financially.

With no industry support, Mehta isolated himself struggling with loneliness and depression. To cope, he took refuge in drinking for months. Soon his marriage also fell apart adding more troubles. However, staying determined, Mehta overcame the difficult phase through his passion for filmmaking. In the following years, he dedicatedly worked to repay debts through new projects. Gradually rebuilding his career, today Mehta has many acclaimed films to his name and serves as an inspiration for others facing hardships.

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