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Did Prithviraj compromise his principles for Lucifer? Exploring the debate around his directorial debut 5 years on


5 years have passed since Prithviraj Sukumaran set the box office ablaze with his directorial debut Lucifer. Starring the legendary Mohanlal in the lead role, the film shattered many box office records upon release in March 2019. However, some critics argued that in catering wholly to Mohanlal's fanbase, Prithviraj may have strayed from the artistic integrity he once advocated for.

As one of Malayalam cinema's most outspoken voices championing meaningful change, Prithviraj had often spoken against superficial fan-service films and the objectification of women on screen. Yet Lucifer followed a formula similar to the mass appealing commercial entertainers Prithviraj was critical of. Mohanlal was presented as a near invincible messiah figure, while the roles of female actors like Manju Warrier lacked depth and agency.

The film's narrative too relied heavily on cryptic political dialogues and unrealistic action tropes beloved by Mohanlal's fans. While these elements contributed hugely to its popularity, some viewed it as a departure from Prithviraj's previous stance. As the director of an A-list star, perhaps he had compromised his vision.

However, others point out Lucifer's technical finesse, its stand-alone storytelling and Vivek Oberoi's impactful role. Under Prithviraj's guidance, Mohanlal also delivered one of his most nuanced performances in recent times. The film set a benchmark for scale and production values rarely seen in Malayalam cinema.

Five years on, the debate around whether Lucifer crossed a line or not remains alive. As Prithviraj prepares for another anticipated release Aadujeevitham, does the passage of time lend more perspective to the discussion around his debut film? Will his latest offering provide more clarity on where he truly stands? Only time will tell.

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