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Life StyleDealing with Tummy Issues on Trips? Tips to Help Your Toddler Overcome...

Dealing with Tummy Issues on Trips? Tips to Help Your Toddler Overcome Motion Sickness


“Children often experience motion sickness more frequently and severely than adults due to their developing vestibular system,” says Dr P Venkata Krishnan, senior consultant, Internal Medicine at Artemis Hospitals

It can be worrying as a parent to think a hundred times before planning a trip because of your child's motion sickness. It is hard to see them suffer during a journey that is intended to be fun and relaxing.

According to a 1999 journal article published in CNS Drugs, “the most common form of motion sickness in children appears to be car or bus sickness (travel sickness), and that produced by amusement park rides.” However, what also needs to be noted is that children tend to be more prone to getting motion sickness than adults.

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