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TechnologyX May Soon Challenge Top Video Conference Apps with Rumored "Conferences" Feature

X May Soon Challenge Top Video Conference Apps with Rumored “Conferences” Feature


As communication platforms continue evolving rapidly, the popular micro-blogging site X may soon offer users enhanced group calling abilities. Insiders indicate the company is testing “Conferences”, a feature that could provide Google Meet-style web meetings directly on the platform.

If launched, Conferences would expand upon X Spaces – the site’s live audio discussion rooms. At present, anyone can drop into public Spaces broadcasts. However, the speculated new tool may restrict random access, granting hosts tighter control over their video conferences.

Sources shared an early screenshot showing a possible Conferences interface under development. While details are sparse, the image implies the functionality could closely resemble industry leaders like Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. This would give X a competitive video collaboration solution without needing external apps or websites.

Since debuting voice and video calls a few months ago, X has aggressively expanded multimedia options. Conferences represents the next phase – enabling organized presentations, trainings, and virtual gatherings on the service itself. Should testing prove fruitful, the feature could launch across X in the coming year.

Only time will tell if the platform can successfully rival established video meeting providers. But striving for parity demonstrates X’s dedication to building rich communication experiences for its huge global user base. As remote work and learning persists long-term, sophisticated group capabilities will remain crucial to any social platform’s relevance.

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