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EditorialRefrain Cops from flaunting weapons on Social Media

Refrain Cops from flaunting weapons on Social Media



A new trend of cops flaunting weapons on social media posts is in vogue these days making it imperative for the higher ups to take cognizance in the matter as the same could have negative repercussions besides poor image of and Police going down the line about immature behaviour of the men in Khaki. Taking the most appropriate action in this regard the JKP has directed its work force to refrain from such acts. As the Superintendent of Police, Jammu has reportedly issued a circular in this context; it becomes necessary that the implementation of the same should be taken as the top priority because such actions do not go well with the men in uniform, from whom the citizenry expects ideal behavior and exemplary discipline.

The order in this regard has instructed men and women in Khaki to ensure that they should not upload reels in the social media platforms while performing official duties maintaining the sanctity of uniform. It has also been directed that the aforesaid officials should also not share photos or holding any weapons or other equipment, and they should also not become part of any political group or like social media pages of such groups or showcase their political preferences online. These instructions being the part of ECI guidelines especially on account of imposition of Model code of Conduct (MCC) should be respected by one and all and those sitting at helm should take strict action under law in case of non-compliance.

In an era where the line between the virtual and real worlds is indistinguishable, the role of social media in shaping public perception and behavior cannot be overstated. Within this digital landscape, cops occupy a unique position of authority and responsibility. Policing is predicated on the principles of trust, respect, and the judicious use of force but when men in Khaki endowed with the public's trust display their weapons on social media not as tools of their profession but as symbols of power or audacity, it undermines the foundational ethos of their role. Such displays can erode public trust and can contribute to a of militarization in law enforcement which in turn can prioritize aggressive tactics and firepower over community policing strategies that emphasize de-escalation and rapport-building.

The society expects highest ethical behavior from the cops and anything short can taint the image of Khaki badly, which should not be the case hence it is imperative that whether there is MCC or not, the behavior of cops should remain ideal and laudable without any exceptions.


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