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EditorialDoctors Should Educate Ailing

Doctors Should Educate Ailing


It has become important for the medical practitioners to educate those who visit them for medical consultation as unprincipled entities are at prowl to deceive the innocents by floating medicines with deceptive names and promising things which are still not possible in the scientific .

historically was plagued with the quacks, who used to ditch people by offering medical remedies to diseases which were incurable and in return get hefty amounts from the ailing lot. With the passage of time, this unethical practice has become more common and now there are number of companies and even big brands doing things on the same grounds to deceive masses.

In this context, the Drugs Controller General of India has directed the Ayush Ministry to take action against a company selling a homoeopathic medicine named ‘insulin'. Reportedly, the homoeopathic tablet named ‘insulin' has nothing to do with actual insulin that controls diabetes. The DGCI has rightly observed that patients may get confused with a homoeopathic tablet named insulin and could stop the real insulin injected through the skin into the fatty tissue leading to serious consequences.

Going by the criticality of the issue, it is dangerous to call any medicine insulin, whether it belongs to modern systems of medicine or any other system, as insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. With such a misleading brand name, the illiterate lot can think that insulin has now come in oral form and they may stop using their insulin in injection form and could start trying the aforesaid tablets, which can even be fatal. Under such condition wherein, the companies are acting unethically, it becomes vital for the doctors to educate their patients about such malpractices undergoing in the market so that no one could be deceived by such tricks of the companies to have undue profits while keeping the and even lives of people at stake.

It is pertinent to mention that Insulin is a medication used in the treatment and management of diabetes which is a significant risk factor for coronary artery disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and a host of other vascular conditions. Reportedly, there are an estimated 101 million people in India detected with diabetes, 136 million were found to be pre-diabetes and 315 million people confronting hypertension.

It is the need of the hour to immediately ban all such ‘bogus' products and medicines to ensure good health of the patients suffering from diabetes.



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