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EditorialRectify the flaw!

Rectify the flaw!


It is not advisable for the Masala Companies to sit idle over the crucial issue of foreign countries banning Indian spices brands one after another after finding traces of one of the cancer causing chemicals, which at times is used as pesticides. This matter is not only concerned with the of one or two countries but it could have long term ramifications as the prestige of the country is also at stake because allowing use of banned pesticide is a bit intriguing.

Reportedly, after Singapore and Hong Kong's blanket ban on popular Indian spice brands MDH and Everest for allegedly containing a cancer-causing pesticide, ethylene oxide, the Maldives has also put restrictions on the sale of aforesaid Masala brands giving a setback to Indian Masala industry as the name of the country is also involved. The authority of the Maldives banned the use and import of the aforementioned brands of Indian spices.

Ethylene oxide is used to fumigate agricultural products and is not recommended for use in food products due to its potential adverse effects. The Maldivian Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) has also noted that the Singapore Food Agency and Hong Kong's Center for Food Safety have advised consumers against using the products. It is pertinent to mention that MDH and Everest spices are sold in Europe, Asia and North America.

It is necessary that the government should also intervene in the matter and upgrade its testing facilities at the laboratories where samples of the food products are inspected before giving nod for their marketing and sale so that such embarrassing situations could be avoided.

As far as the ‘erring' Masala Companies have been concerned, they should immediately rectify the flaw, reassure the countries having business ties about removal of anomaly and must rejuvenate the trade as it is quite imperative for ensuring that 's name should dominate the business and such cases should not damage the image of the country.

A crucial strategy over the issue is the need of the time and both the companies and the government of India must take initiative to regain confidence of the aforesaid countries by ensure that such things should not repeat in future.


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