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EditorialTraffic Monitoring In Jammu Namesake

Traffic Monitoring In Jammu Namesake


As City these days is fast adopting infrastructure and facilities to become a Smart City in real terms, there are certain aspects which are slowing the aforesaid process. Not much time has passed when Jammu city got traffic light signals and CCTV cameras to monitor traffic on major crossings and other vital locations. After the installation, the concerned government department especially the Traffic Police had come up with educational campaigns and warnings to impart awareness about driving and commuting safely by following rules, and in case of violations, it was said that cameras will collect evidences and the challans will be delivered on the basis of clicks taken by the high definition cameras.

The whole exercise which started by first going for the surveys and then procuring things to install the traffic lights and cameras has some how gone useless as people can find people jumping traffic lights especially the commercial vehicles giving two hoots to the so called strictness promised by the Traffic Authorities. The way the people are ignoring rules especially on crossings and other junctions, it has become clear that the cameras installed at many places have become redundant as they are of no use and also the traffic signal breaking has also become a fashion with no challans or no action being taken by the Traffic cops.

This arbitrariness has become a common scene in Jammu and therefore the concerned authorities should come out of slumber and act fast in the direction of bringing back order in the traffic maintenance or else days are not far when the things will go out of hands and the traffic will worsen.

It is the right time that the concerned agencies should ramp up edifice and start monitoring and regulating traffic in Jammu, and punish the offenders both manually as well as through cameras because the same is necessary for making the city accident-free and chaos-free as well. The present state of lethargy among the authorities is not good for the people of Jammu as this can cost dearly in the shape of fatal accidents and delay on roads due to traffic jams.

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