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EditorialInfiltration attempts are part of bigger conspiracy

Infiltration attempts are part of bigger conspiracy


Having a brigade full of brainwashed violence mongers, our western neighbor, Pakistan, has become a grave threat to . Day in and day out, Jihadi element supported by the establishment from across the border attempt to enter our territory knowing well that their chances of success are dim due to the vigilance of our security forces. These forces are always on high alert, thwarting any attempts by hostile elements to aid infiltrators in crossing over to our side. It is a bit strange that infiltrators keep on coming to this side despite the elimination of all by the alert troops guarding the borders of the country day and night, all through the year.

Reportedly, the Border Security Force (BSF) personnel have yet again gunned down a Pakistani intruder along the Border in Samba district after they noticed suspicious movement of a person who crossed the International Border in Samba. Any sane person could gauge well that it was nothing but suicide by the intruding person as expecting a warm welcome from the Indian security personnel after illegally crossing the border was out of question.

After going through such instances which almost occur on frequent basis, one can ponder and conclude that the attempts by the persons to come to this side were a part of a bigger conspiracy because no person having knowledge about Indian security grip would cross the border and spend his or her life unnecessarily.

Of course, this is the Pakistani Rangers' ploy to either assess the preparedness of the Indian side along the borders or any other mysterious agenda that a number of people are being asked and sent to cross the IB or the LoC at various points. Not much time has passed when the infiltrators who successfully crossed over to this side were later expatriated back after it was examined that they were insane.

It is to be seen that why time and again people from Pakistani side are coming to this side with many losing their lives and others getting opportunity to go back after their medical condition supported their cause because one cannot rule out a ploy by Pakistan to do recce of the borders using this modus operandi and accordingly prepare a plan to abet terror and other kinds of disturbances inside India. The issue is of vital importance and therefore things should be monitored very minutely to ensure that no nefarious design by the rogue country Pakistan takes shape in the country leading to detrimental effects.


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