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TechnologyRare quadruple solar flares erupt from Sun in single event; Here's what...

Rare quadruple solar flares erupt from Sun in single event; Here’s what to expect


The Sun recently put on a display of its powerful energy in a rare celestial event. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured an unusual sight of four solar flares occurring simultaneously across the Sun's surface on April 23rd.

Most solar flare events involve just one or two eruptions from the Sun's atmosphere. But the simultaneous nature of this four-part eruption, stretching across different active regions, made it a quite uncommon “sympathetic solar flare” event.

Sympathetic flares occur when multiple solar activites are magnetically linked together. In this case, the four flaring regions were all connected by the Sun's complex web of magnetic field lines under the surface. When one area erupts, it can trigger additional detonations at other tied locations.

According to experts, these solar storms likely herald in an escalation of solar activity. The Sun is entering the peak period of its approximately 11-year cycle, known as solar maximum, when eruptions are more frequent and intense. The quadruple flare may portend increased risks of geomagnetic disturbances impacting technologies on Earth in the coming months if any blasts are aimed at our planet.

While the event produced no reported effects so far, strong solar storms can disrupt power grids, satellite networks and GPS signals. They also pose radiation risks to astronauts during solar particle events. Space watch is being kept as the Sun's current cycle intensifies towards an expected peak in 2025. The rare sighting demonstrates the interconnected dynamics behind our closest star's powerful plasma bursts.

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