EditorialPeace in Kashmir – an anathema to Pakistan’s Camp

Peace in Kashmir – an anathema to Pakistan’s Camp


The G20 meeting, which begins in on Monday, will highlight the beauty of this legendary land. China is boycotting the meeting in order to tease India, which has been protesting its expansionist hegemony in South Asia. Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have joined in solidarity with India's adversary and their ally, Pakistan.
Regardless of their reservations, the remaining sixteen countries and European Union guests are participating well. These detractors' non-participation is insignificant and meaningless, as otherwise they would have preferred firsthand knowledge of Kashmir and have their perspective clarified by participating.
The G20 delegates are now witnessing Kashmir firsthand. The event is being covered by both national and media. This will give , a historically important part of the economy, a boost. The summit will also boost investment in Kashmir.
Kashmir is known as “paradise on Earth” for good reason. Indian couples have spent their honeymoons here for decades. In Kashmir, Bollywood producers shot songs for iconic films. During the long, hot summers, Indians and foreign tourists came here for the cool climate, spectacular views, and delicious local cuisine. Foreigners also came in large numbers. Both Indian and foreign tourists evince keen interest in the local arts and crafts, which boosted the Kashmiri economy.
Kashmir is once again on the rise. The number of Indian and foreign tourists increased many times by 2023. Pakistan and China oppose any progress in Kashmir. Both of India's neighbours illegally and jealousy claim territory in Kashmir. For geopolitical reasons, both would like to see this region unsettled and, ideally, tormented by insurgency.
Unfortunately for Pakistan and China, Kashmir is becoming more peaceful. Kashmir's grassroots democracy and local economy are emerging.
Even prior to this reform, the people of Kashmir demonstrated a strong desire for democratic participation. The central government has announced that the administration is preparing the ground for the Election Commission to hold assembly elections in Jammu Kashmir union territory.
Unfortunately, for their anti-India agenda, international organisations and Western media ignore positive developments in Kashmir. Amnesty International, another hostile body often used against India especially in the matter of Jammu Kashmir. Their attention has not been drawn to the consolidation of grass root democracy and the reduction of violence. Neither has the violence perpetrated by terrorist groups based in and funded by Pakistan. This ideological fixation on blaming India for all of Kashmir's ills is false and, more importantly, dangerous.
All of these elements are now at risk of becoming irrelevant. They used to ruffle previous governments. But things have changed for the better. The present government has no inferiority complex when it comes to these institutions and their biased reports that cherry pick facts and ignore the significant progress Kashmir has made since 2019.
Notwithstanding all these designs, the G20 meeting will send a message to the rest of the that Kashmir is open for business, thereby improving the investment climate and job opportunities in the region. Kashmir's economy is heading to the bright uplands, thanks to increased tourism, trade, and incoming investment. The visit of G20 delegates will provide an additional and welcome boost to the economy of this fantastically beautiful land.

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