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InternationalMaldives thanks India for boosting essential goods exports as diplomatic relations warm...

Maldives thanks India for boosting essential goods exports as diplomatic relations warm up


Boosts Essential Exports to Help Maldives as Diplomatic Ties Improve

In a move that signals strengthening bilateral relations, India has renewed quotas allowing essential goods exports to the Maldives at higher volumes. Maldives Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer thanked India for the supportive gesture amid ongoing efforts to expand commercial cooperation between the countries.

Under a long-standing bilateral mechanism, India had permitted exports of certain essential items to the Maldives each year since 1981. However, quotas had not been revised upwards despite rising demand as the Maldives construction sector boomed in recent years.

At the request of the Maldives government, India has now approved renewed quotas for 2024-2025 that see a 5% increase in volumes for critical supplies like eggs, potatoes, rice and other food items. In addition, quotas for construction materials like river sand and aggregates used widely in Maldives infrastructure projects have been hiked by a sizable 25%.

The exact quantities allowed for export have not been disclosed but represent the highest levels under the existing framework. The move aims to ensure Maldives has reliable access to necessities from its close neighbor and strategic partner India. It comes at a time when both sides are seeking to normalize ties and strengthen cooperation on trade and economic matters.

The Maldivian Foreign Minister warmly welcomed India's gesture, stating it demonstrates the long-standing friendship between the two nations. India too reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the Maldives' human-centric development goals in line with its ‘Neighborhood First' policy of promoting ties with immediate regions.

Overall, the renewal and expansion of quotas for essential goods exports from India to the Maldives reflects the desire on both sides to deepen mutually beneficial commercial engagement and put recent diplomatic differences behind them. It signals the increasingly positive direction of relations between the key South Asian partners.

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