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InternationalHow the UK's Controversial Rwanda Deportation Plan Could Impact Indian Migrants

How the UK’s Controversial Rwanda Deportation Plan Could Impact Indian Migrants


A new controversial policy by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak aims to curb irregular migration by relocating some asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing. Dubbed the ‘Rwanda Plan', the policy's implications are immense and could especially impact the growing number of Indian nationals seeking entry into Britain through irregular means.

Over the past year, more than 1,000 Indians risked their lives crossing the English Channel in small boats to reach UK shores and claim asylum. While overall migrant crossings have declined since peaking last fall, Indians now represent a notable portion of those undertaking this perilous journey. With over 60% of irregular Indian migrants falling in the younger 18-29 demographic, the lure of and opportunities appears strong.

However, the Rwanda Plan seeks to deter such crossings by flying some unauthorized arrivals thousands of miles away to have their asylum applications evaluated in the East African nation instead. Approved refugees could potentially settle in Rwanda, while rejected claims may face deportation or resettlement elsewhere. As the policy gets set for implementation this summer, its wide-ranging effects will be closely watched.

For Indian nationals presently in Britain without status or those weighing such a crossing, the consequences could be profound. While exact numbers remain undisclosed, the new multi-flight deportations per month may include some South Asian migrants. Those attempting to reach British shores going forward also take on added risks, facing potential relocation rather than stays. Only through legal immigration pathways can individuals be sure of maintaining any connections to the UK.

As details emerge on how the untested Rwanda arrangement unfolds, its impact on 's burgeoning diaspora in Britain will be an important story to follow. For now, the Plan seeks to curb the “invitation” that open borders may bring – but its humanitarian merits will surely face ongoing scrutiny.

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