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InternationalFather alleges coaching by deceased son's mother in aftermath of tragic treadmill...

Father alleges coaching by deceased son’s mother in aftermath of tragic treadmill death


“Father Claims Coaching in Tragic Treadmill Death of Six-Year-Old Son”

Just hours before six-year-old Corey Micciolo was sadly pronounced dead, his father Christopher Gregor contacted authorities with a troubling accusation. Gregor, now charged in his son’s tragic death, alleged that the boy’s mother coached young Corey into fabricating claims of abuse.

Gregor is facing life imprisonment over accusations of abusing his son to death through forcing the child into an excessive treadmill workout. Court evidence shows distressing footage of little Corey struggling and falling repeatedly as his father compelled him to continue running. If convicted, Gregor faces the severest of penalties.

According to records of Gregor’s call to child protective services, he stated that Corey had returned from time with his mother professing her instructions to lie. Gregor reported his son disclosed not wanting to go back to his mother out of fear she would seek to separate him from his father. Worryingly, just hours later the severely unwell Corey was rushed to the hospital, where doctors were unable to save his life.

While prosecutors argue the evidence clearly shows abuse at the hands of Gregor led to Corey’s tragic passing, the defendant’s lawyer asserts key details cast doubt on the state’s narrative. The defense points to the son spending significant periods with both parents in the time since the alleged abuse occurred, complicating the clear timeline painted. What truly happened to little Corey remains a devastating mystery, but one thing is certain – a precious young life was tragically cut short. As the legal process continues, one can only hope it provides some semblance of justice and closure.

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