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EntertainmentGeetika Vidya talks navigating Bollywood, from stereotyped roles to finding purpose and...

Geetika Vidya talks navigating Bollywood, from stereotyped roles to finding purpose and credibility


Geetika Vidya, known for her powerful performance in the critically acclaimed Soni, has come a long way in her journey in . In an exclusive interview with The Indian Express, the actor opens up about her struggles and triumphs over the years navigating the industry.

Some of the early challenges Geetika faced included being offered one-dimensional roles rooted in stereotypes, perhaps due to her background from . She said “there were certain kinds of characters that were being offered to me. Was it because I did Soni? I don't know. Is it because I am from Haryana, or look a certain way, or I don't have a family in Bollywood, I don't know.”

However, she didn't let the limitations of opportunities deter her from pursuing roles with substance. She cited Avinash Arun's School of Lies as a breakthrough where she was presented with a character that spoke English, challenging preconceived notions.

Geetika has also had to navigate questionable advice, from being encouraged to artificially inflate social media followers, to suggestions of surgery – things she says have been “tempting” at times but recognizes won't serve her growth as an actress. Instead, she finds solace in her which keeps her spiritually grounded.

Six years since her impressive debut in Soni, Geetika is proud of the credibility she has earned but understandably seeks another starring vehicle to showcase her talents fully. She remains focused on honing her craft through meaningful portrayals while staying rooted to her artistic values.

Geetika Vidya's journey exemplifies the perseverance and integrity it takes for an outsider to make an impact in the industry beyond superficial metrics. As she continues to let her work do the talking, more nuanced roles that challenge status quo may come her way.

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