Fresh Avalanche In Gulmarg, No Report Of Any Loss

SRINAGAR, Feb 4: Three days after an avalanche left two Polish skiers dead, a fresh avalanche occurred at the tourist resort of Gulmarg in Baramulla district of and . Police said there was no report of any loss. They said the avalanche occurred in Affarwat Gulmarg Saturday morning.
“Area has already been notified as a Red Zone and is restricted for any movement. Tourists are once again advised not to venture and cooperate with Police,” a police statement said.
On February 1, two Polish skiers were killed and over a dozen were rescued after a massive snow avalanche hit the Gulmarg.
Avalanches are very common in Gulmarg. In 2010, at least 17 soldiers were killed after an avalanche hit the army's High Altitude Warfare School in Gulmarg.