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IndiaWe hit terrorists in their homes, don’t send dossiers on them, says...

We hit terrorists in their homes, don’t send dossiers on them, says PM Modi


Latur, Apr 30: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asserted his government has adopted a bold new approach on security and believes in hitting terrorists by entering their homes instead of sending dossiers on them which was the practice under the Congress rule.

Addressing three election rallies on the trot for the second consecutive day in Maharashtra, the BJP's star campaigner once again targeted NCP (SP) president Sharad Pawar, and accused the Congress-led opposition of circulating artificial intelligence-powered fake videos on social media in its fight against the saffron party.

He noted the BJP-led government's approach on tackling terror has seen a sea change to what was followed during the Congress regime.

Unlike the practice during the Congress rule of sending dossiers to Pakistan after the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the BJP-led government takes terrorists head on, Modi emphasised.

“During the Congress regime, the news headlines were about handing over another dossier to Pakistan about terror activities. It used to be big news. Some of our friends in the media used to clap after any such dossier was sent,” the PM said at an election rally in central Maharashtra's Latur.

“Today, India doesn't send dossiers. ‘Aaj Bharat ghar mein ghus ke marta hai' (Today, India enters homes of terrorists and hits them hard),” Modi said.

The BJP stalwart highlighted anti-terror operations undertaken by his government after assuming office in 2014 and added this approach marks the rise of a ‘New Bharat'.

“The headlines in Naya Bharat are: Mission LOC, India punishes Pakistan through surgical strikes,” Modi told the gathering.

The BJP leader claimed the INDIA bloc has come up with a “formula” whereby the parties in the opposition alliance will get the PM's post for one year each if they come to power.”

“Some people want to make the PM in instalments. They hey have decided to have a PM each year,” he said.

Modi alleged the Congress destroyed India's during its rule.

Targeting Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, he said, “When I speak of ‘EK Bharat Shreshtha Bharat' (One India, Best India), the Prince of Congress suffers from fever. Those who looted the country are in jail. Those who looted the country will have to pay back. And this is Modi's guarantee.”

The Congress thought about only one family, but Modi thinks about every family of Bharat, he said.

“In 2014 and 2019, you gave us a huge mandate. We utilised it not to snatch anything from anyone, but to provide benefits and ensure welfare. Ours is a government that truly gives strength to social justice,” Modi emphasised.

The PM said the Congress and problems were like “twin brothers”, and alleged that except poverty, the grand old party did not give anything to the country while it was in power.

“The Congress and problems are like twin brothers. They never tried to end people's problems. Latur has been facing a water crisis, but did they try to address the issue? Congress kept the water schemes hanging and hurdles were created in the water grid scheme,” he noted.

On the issue of reservation, he pointed out that the provision of quota in jobs and education made in the Constitution for underprivileged sections of society cannot be scrapped.

“Reservation cannot be taken away even if (chief Constitution framer) Babasaheb Ambedkar were to appear in person. But Congress wants to curtail the SC, ST reservation and give it to their vote bank,” he alleged.

Speaking at another rally in Dharashiv, the PM said political rivals who are unable to take on the BJP-led government are now misusing technology to circulate fake videos on social media.

“Now their condition is such that as their lies aren't working, they are using my face and with the help of artificial intelligence technology, selling fake videos in their “mohabbat ki dukaan” (shop of love – a slogan given by Rahul Gandhi). This shop of lies must be shut down,” Modi said.

“Opponents are using artificial intelligence to distort quotes of leaders like me,” he said.

The PM stressed a weak government cannot build a strong nation.

The ongoing are about the country's self-respect, Modi said and asked “Will a weak government, which can collapse any moment, build a strong nation?.”

“Today, India is providing pace to the development of the world. Chandrayaan-3 landed on the spot on lunar surface where no one else could reach. The anti-coronavirus vaccine manufactured in India saved the lives of crores of people across the globe. Now, India brings back its people safely even when there is heavy shelling (in war-torn countries),” asserted PM.

At his rally in Malshiras town of Solapur district, Modi, a day after terming Sharad Pawar as a “wandering soul”, continued his attack on the veteran politician, saying he did not do much for farmers as Union agriculture minister (2004-14), and added it was now time to punish him.

He taunted the opposition Congress, saying it was not able to field even 275 candidates in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, and appealed to people not to waste their vote by supporting the grand old party.

Voting in Latur, Solapur and Dharashiv (Osmanabad) Lok Sabha seats will take place in the third phase on May 7.

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