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General AwarenessTips for Getting the Best Used Car Loan Rates

Tips for Getting the Best Used Car Loan Rates


If you want to upgrade your vehicle, buying a used car can be a smart and -friendly decision. A pre-owned car can be particularly advantageous due to its reduced cost after depreciation and it becomes more accessible for a buyer with a low budget.

Buying a used car might be cost-effective. Also, you can get a used car loan and reduce your monthly expenses as you can manage your money with zero down payment and low used car loan interest rates

Here, in this blog, we will provide you with some amazing tips for getting the best-used car loan and with our used car loan EMI calculator, you can calculate how much you have to pay monthly. CARS 24 also offers used car loans for a wide range of customers to afford their dream car.

What is a Used Car Loan?

A used car loan is nothing but a financial arrangement where you borrow money to buy a second-hand car, in other words, a used car. Instead of paying the entire cost of the car upfront, some financial institutions lend you money to pay it back over some time.

Used car loans are a common tool for people to afford a vehicle without having to come up with the full purchase price all at once. It is important to understand the loan terms, including the interest rate and the payment duration and make sure it fits your budget and financial situation.

Top Tips for Getting the Best Used Car Loan Rates

So, what are the factors that affect used car interest rates? Here is a breakdown of those key factors:

  1. Check Your Credit Score: Your credit score is also termed the CIBIL Score, reflecting how reliable you are with credit. It's a parameter to determine your history of repaying loans. If your score is low, it suggests you haven't managed debts well and this can lead to loan rejection or higher interest rates.

A good credit score means higher chances of getting a used car loan with favourable terms and lower interest rates. So, keeping a healthy credit score is crucial for better loan opportunities.

  1. Tally the interest rates and pick the right lender: Every lender offers loans with different interest rates and terms. However, it is your turn to compare the offerings and make the right decision.

You can explore a used car loan EMI calculator to calculate the used car loan interest rate, considering your creditworthiness. An informed decision can save your money in the long run.

  1. Utilize a pre-approved loan offer: Explore the possibility of securing a pre-approved loan with the financial institution or bank where you currently hold an account. Many banks and lenders extend pre-approved loan offers to existing customers in favourable terms when seeking a used car loan.

Opting for a pre-approved loan involves minimal documentation and makes the application process easy. This approach saves valuable time and positions you to negotiate interest rates with the lending institution for an overall financial benefit on the loan.

  1. Consider a shorter loan term: Opting for a shorter loan duration might seem less enticing initially because of higher monthly payments, but it's essential to consider that longer loan terms come with elevated used car loan interest rates. In reality, long tenures guarantee a higher total interest outlay.

On the flip side, a shorter loan tenure can lead to substantial savings on interest payments over time. Although the monthly instalments can be hard to pay, the overall loan cost ends up being lower.

CARS24 is the best lender for offering Used Car Loan!

CARS24 is one of the top destinations for getting a Used Car Loan. They not only help you buy a used car but also offer loans to make it easier. What makes them great is their clear approach and tools like the used Car loan EMI calculator. This calculator helps you plan your payments and know exactly what you are getting into.

CARS24 provides reasonable interest rates for Used Car Loans. They understand everyone's needs and curate their loan plans accordingly. The used car loan EMI calculator is like your financial sidekick. It lets you figure out and customize your repayment plan. CARS24 goes the extra mile to empower customers with tools that make used car loan interest rates easy and transparent.

In a nutshell, if you're looking for a Used Car Loan, CARS24 can be a go-to choice for not just loans but a hassle-free and informed journey towards owning your dream car.


The best-used car loan rates involve thorough research and strategic planning where you can leverage tools like the used car loan EMI calculator to understand repayment structures. Compare used car loan interest rates from various lenders, especially keeping an eye on CARS24.

CARS24 offers used car loans at competitive rates. Ensure your credit score is in good standing to negotiate favourable terms. And always prioritize transparency in loan terms and conditions.


Q1: How can I negotiate for a better interest rate on a used car?

A1: Put more money on a down payment, and with this you'll not only reduce how much you have to borrow, but you could qualify for a lower interest rate.

Q2: Is it good to buy a second-hand car on loan?

A2: A used car can be a cost-effective way to bring home the vehicle of your dreams. Banks offer different used car loans with distinct benefits including end-to-end assistance all through the car-buying process, attractive interest rates, and up to 100% financing options.

Q3: Which car is best, new or old?

A3: New cars come with the latest safety features and are likely to be reliable, though they can come with a higher price tag and higher insurance costs. Used cars are generally cheaper because the high depreciation of their early years is already behind them and you may not need as much insurance coverage.

Q4: Why is the used car loan interest rate so high?

A4: Since used cars have a lower resale value, its interest rates are higher than new car loans. However, by using different factors to your advantage, you can negotiate with the lender for a better interest rate.

Q5: How to get a low-interest loan on a used car?

A5: Below are a few ways to secure low used car loan rates:

  • A good CIBIL Score: Having a good credit score helps you to get a used car loan at competitive interest rates.
  • Declare all sources of income.
  • Keep a low debt-to-income (DTI) ratio.
  • Compare various lenders.
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