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EntertainmentJanhvi Kapoor gives fans an intimate tour of her childhood home in...

Janhvi Kapoor gives fans an intimate tour of her childhood home in Chennai through exclusive Airbnb listing


Janhvi Kapoor Opens the Doors to Her Beloved Childhood Home

actress Janhvi Kapoor is giving fans a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience where some of her fondest memories were made. The iconic Chennai mansion that was the first home purchased by her late mother Sridevi is now being listed on Airbnb, allowing a select few to rent the property for a night.

Situated in the bustling city of Chennai, this sprawling estate holds deep significance as the Kapoor family's roots. Purchased after Sridevi married producer Boney Kapoor, the residence housed many cherished moments and became a home away from home for Janhvi during her childhood visits. While renovations were required after years of use, Boney ensured the spirit of the home lived on.

Guests will be treated to an insider's tour guided by Janhvi herself, sharing tales from days gone by. From Sridevi's early paintings adorning the walls to a secret room hiding family portraits, every corner hosts memories. The stay also includes an interactive session with Janhvi where she may disclose her ingenious beauty hacks and natural skincare regimen. A home-cooked South Indian dinner with flavors sampled in her youth aims to transport visitors back in time.

For Janhvi, opening the doors of her childhood refuge provides an opportunity to honor her late mother Sridevi. While the house saw lighter days filled with family, it now stands as a tribute to those cherished earlier years. This unique Airbnb listing grants a glimpse into a very personal chapter of the Kapoor legacy for fortunate guests.

With a promising film career ahead, Janhvi ensures one home will always remain close to her heart, memories of her mother within its walls forever kept alive.

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