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EntertainmentRanveer Singh Warns Fans of Rising Deepfake Menace After Viral Political Endorsement...

Ranveer Singh Warns Fans of Rising Deepfake Menace After Viral Political Endorsement Video


Superstar Ranveer Singh recently urged his fans and followers to be aware of deepfake after one depicting him endorsing a political party went viral. Deepfake uses artificial intelligence to generate highly realistic videos of public figures saying or doing things they never did.

In the misleading video circulated online, Ranveer is heard voicing his views in support of a certain political party. However, the Padmaavat actor clarified that the video was a deepfake as the audio was created using an AI clone of his voice without his consent or knowledge. While a genuine video of his recent visit to Varanasi surfaced, the audio plugged in was manipulated through advanced AI tools.

Concerned about the spread of misinformation, Ranveer took to Instagram stories to raise awareness. “Friends, beware of deepfakes,” he wrote, without directly mentioning the viral clip. His message firmly establishes that he did not endorse any political party through the deepfake video.

The growing popularity of deepfake videos poses serious risks if not addressed properly. Several celebrities like Aamir Khan have also fallen prey recently. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it has become important for public figures and followers to stay alert against such deceptive content online. Ranveer's timely warning sets an example and will help curb the harm from future deepfake propagation.

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