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Life StyleIs drinking fruit juice first thing in the morning really a healthy...

Is drinking fruit juice first thing in the morning really a healthy habit?


Many conscious individuals reach for a fresh glass of fruit juice as soon as they wake up in the morning, believing it to be an ideal way to start their day on a nutritious note. However, new research suggests otherwise. According to leading nutrition expert Dr. Sonal Joshi, drinking fruit juice on an empty stomach may do more harm than good. In this exclusive article, we explore why altering your juicing time could optimize health benefits.

While fruit juices boast crucial vitamins and antioxidants, consuming them without food poses hidden risks. Their concentrated sugar drops blood sugar rapidly, leaving one feeling drained later on. Further, lack of fiber makes nutrients difficult to absorb. More concerning is the impact on dental health as acidic juices erode tooth enamel overnight.

Dr. Joshi recommends a simple change – pairing juice with breakfast. “Including a balanced meal moderates fruit sugar absorption and supplies other crucial nutrients as well.” Fiber from foods fills one up longer too. For diabetics, meals lessen spikes in blood glucose, aiding control. Nutrient assimilation also improves alongside dietary diversity.

So what are some options to juicing empty bellied? Whole fruits deliver lasting energy and dental protection. Smoothies mixing fruits, yogurt and oats supply protein for lasting fullness. Even water infused with lemon offers refreshment minus issues. The takeaway – enjoy juices as meals accompaniment for optimized well being. Remember, small tweaks can yield big health returns.

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