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EntertainmentImran Khan talks rejecting money and family's tendency to distance from fame

Imran Khan talks rejecting money and family’s tendency to distance from fame


Imran Khan opens up about rejecting lucrative offers and disappearing from the limelight

Leading actor Imran Khan, who has hinted at making a comeback after nearly a decade, recently opened up about declining money-making opportunities and his tendency to stay away from the public eye like some members of his family.

In a candid interview, Khan revealed that throughout his career he has turned down more lucrative offers than what he has accepted. He explained that while there were numerous brand promotions and events offering him large sums of money to simply cut ribbons or walk ramps, he chose not to capitalize on such opportunities.

The actor further shared that disappearing from the spotlight runs in the family, citing examples of his uncles Aamir Khan and Mansoor Khan who preferred focusing on their craft over fame. In jest, Khan referred to this trait as a “family ailment”.

After delivering successful films early on, Mansoor Khan moved away from the industry permanently. Likewise, while Aamir Khan continues acting, he is known to steer clear of unnecessary publicity. Imran Khan feels he was brought up with a similar mindset of notattaching too much importance to fame and popularity.

Last seen onscreen in 2015, the former star is now considering a comeback with a new project. However, he dismissed rumors of featuring in an upcoming production backed by his uncle Aamir Khan. According to Khan, disappearing from the public eye is simply an occupational hazard in his line of work and fame is transient compared to one's cinematic contributions.

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