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TechnologyHow Google AI is positively impacting our environment through innovations in sustainable...

How Google AI is positively impacting our environment through innovations in sustainable farming, marine conservation and reducing contrails


Google using cutting-edge AI solutions to tackle climate crisis in innovative ways

With climate change threatening our planet, companies like Google are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to help mitigate its effects and enable adaptation. At a recent session on Google's AI initiatives called ‘Google AI Now', researchers shone a spotlight on the tech giant's ambitious yet responsible work relating to conservation of lands, seas and skies.

When it comes to sustainable farming, Google's ‘AnthroKrishi' project was discussed. This AI model uses satellite imagery analysis to map individual farm boundaries and monitor crops/yields in – helping banks provide need-based loans and governments optimise subsidy programmes. While validating models against ground data and with state governments posed initial challenges, engaging stakeholders has proven crucial. Google remains committed to promoting real- impact through this open-source innovation.

In Australia, Google partnered with marine biologists to save endangered giant kelp forests destroyed by warming oceans. By analysing thousands of high-resolution satellite images, AI can achieve what was previously impossible manually. It also accelerates genetic studies to identify heat-resistant kelps that can repopulate depleting reefs – termed a “complete game changer” by scientists.

Regarding reducing aviation's environmental toll, Google's ‘contrails team' highlighted forecasting regions where flight paths commonly form these artificial clouds trapping heat, using /flight data. Trials with American Airlines saw AI enable pilots avoid up to 50% contrail formation on select flights – an encouraging result. Global coverage is now being implemented.

While pursuing ambitious AI goals, Google says it remains responsible through research ensuring benefits outweigh negatives. Researchers emphasised the company's commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical AI development to minimise potential downsides of its breakthrough innovations. From smarter farming and restoring marine life to curbing contrails, Google AI is making noticeable strides in tackling the climate crisis.

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