CSGH, Glaukos Corporations organizes workshop for glaucoma treatment



New Delhi: In an endeavour to aware the public about the miraculous recovery in glaucoma patients, 's leading eye care chain, Centre for Sight Group of Hospitals in association with Glaukos Corporations had organized first of its kind one-day certified workshop on the latest Glaucoma treatment that can work like a miracle for patients.

To spread awareness about Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), the Centre for Sight Group of Eye Hospitals in association with Glaukos organized the Glaukos Skill Development Program (GSDP) on 19th March 2023.

This unique MIGS workshop was headed by Dr. Harsh Kumar (Padma Shree), MD (AIIMS), Director Glaucoma, Centre For Sight and Dr. Amit Pandey, DO, DNB, FICO FMRF, Consultant, Centre For Sight. They emphasized the significance of regular Glaucoma screening and how early detection can save patients from complete vision loss to the ‘silent thief of sight'. Speakers also addressed how serious Glaucoma can turn out to be if left untreated or neglected for a long time.

The main agenda of the workshop was to let the doctors gain the experience of live MIGS so that their patients can benefit from it in the future. Dr. Harsh and Dr. Amit shared how MIGS is technologically advanced and is a boon for Glaucoma patients who require surgical intervention, especially in the mild to moderate stages.

Speaking further on the significance and benefits of MIGS for Glaucoma patients, Dr. Harsh Kumar said “It is a precise procedure that involves no stitches and takes about 7-10 minutes to complete it. As it requires minimal access to the patient's eye, the recovery is quick with negligible chances of complications. It can be performed in the early stages of Glaucoma to stop further vision loss.”

While discussing in detail the iStent implant advantages for patients, Dr. Amit Pandey shared “iStent inject is designed in such a way that it enhances the flow of fluid in the eye, helping in maintaining normal eye pressure and preventing damage on the optic nerve. This Glaucoma implant is highly beneficial for patients who want to save their vision without experiencing complications. It not only restores the eye's natural fluid outflow but also remains inert, i.e. does not cause a problematic immune response in the body. IStent inject is designed to reduce or eliminate dependency on Glaucoma medication and has an excellent overall safety profile.”

Further in this discussion, Dr. Harsh Kumar added “In today's day and age, the iStent devices have been implanted in more than ten lakh eyes all across the , with more and more patients reaping the benefits from the procedure.”