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Life StyleCould Cutting Calories or Intermittent Fasting Prolong the Human Lifespan?

Could Cutting Calories or Intermittent Fasting Prolong the Human Lifespan?


A compelling new study sheds light on how cutting calories or fasting intermittently may help extend human lifespan. Researchers have long shown these dietary changes increase longevity in animals, but questioning remains if the same benefits apply to people.

The article reviews several key animal experiments that produced longer living subjects with reduced dietary calories. Mice living 30% longer under a calorie-restricted regimen is a noteworthy example. While results are mixed, autophagy and metabolic changes from intermittent fasting also indicate possible anti-aging effects. trials prove more difficult due to long duration needs. One review examined a study where people modestly cut intake by 11%, still achieving benefits like lowered blood pressure and inflammation. Biological age testing showed calorie reduction slowed aging rates.

Experts note true longevity impacts are unclear as human data remains limited. Adherence to larger animal calorie cuts also poses challenges for people. Yet reduced calorie windows without weight loss influenced aging positively in some tests.

Overall, evidence points to caloric intake timing and amount impacting the biological drivers of aging. While human effects require more research, these dietary shifts show promise for supporting healthy longevity into old age. Further studies may help develop optimized anti-aging feeding strategies translatable to people.

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