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UBRAND Joins World Book and Copyright Day Celebrations to Promote Reading and Authors’ Rights

As book lovers worldwide commemorated Book and Copyright Day on April 23rd, UBRAND joined the festivities by promoting reading, publishing and authors' rights.

The annual occasion recognizes the cultural impact of literature and honors notable writers including Shakespeare and Cervantes. This year's theme “Read Your Way” underscored individual reading preferences and making the experience enjoyable for all.

UBRAND backed these ideals through various initiatives. As a leading publishing platform empowering authors, the company stresses the transformative power of books. “Literature expands our worlds and fuels growth,” a spokesperson said. “World Book Day pays tribute to this enduring influence on lives and societies.”

The day also acknowledges copyright protections. Recognized globally since 1995 by UNESCO, it stresses literacy, cultural ties and protecting authors' intellectual property.

UBRAND supports authors throughout their publishing journeys. Services include writing, publishing, branding, copyright registration and book launches. This enables authors to enrich literary while preserving their rights.

Communities worldwide commemorated the day with book donations, readings and discussions on copyright laws. As the designated 2024 World Book Capital highlights each year, such events spark reading passion and promote understanding between nations.

By participating in World Book and Copyright Day activities, UBRAND reaffirms its commitment to cultivating vibrant literary communities and empowering storytellers worldwide.

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