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How the ongoing heatwave could be affecting your moods

The scorching summer heat has been taking a toll not just on our physical but also our mental well-being. Many people have been reporting increased irritability, anger issues and other emotional changes during this period of extreme heat conditions. As per experts, exposure to prolonged heat over time can negatively influence our moods and cognitive abilities.

Studies show that high temperatures are linked to worsening symptoms of mental illnesses, increased hospital visits for related issues and even suicidal behavior in some cases. The heat could also lead to impairments in memory, focus and reaction times in people otherwise healthy. Sleep disruptions brought on by heat are another factor affecting mood and productivity. With air conditioning not always an option, prolonged heatwave spells can seriously impact overall health.

Increased frustration and aggression are common negative reactions witnessed in people amid ongoing heatwaves. According to a psychologist, this could be because the parts of the brain linked to complex thinking get impaired under heat stress, lowering tolerance levels. Additionally, issues like dehydration associated with heat are known to elevate tension, anxiety and irritability. The elevated concern about climate change many experience also contributes to rising eco-anxiety.

To safeguard mental wellness during such conditions, minimizing outdoor activities, staying hydrated with water intake and limiting caffeine/alcohol are some initial steps recommended. Practicing relaxation techniques like controlled breathing, meditation and slowing down the pace also helps. Ensuring adequate sleep, balancing diet and seeking expert support if symptoms persist are further tips to cope effectively. While the heat is outside our control, we can certainly try to preserve inner calm through small lifestyle tweaks and self-care strategies.

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