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TechnologyThis 10-Year Old Bluetooth Keyboard Remains a Worthy Companion for Multiple Devices

This 10-Year Old Bluetooth Keyboard Remains a Worthy Companion for Multiple Devices


The Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard has been around since 2014, but remains a popular choice thanks to its versatile design and long-lasting performance. While evolves rapidly, this keyboard continues to impress users with its reliable connectivity, comfortable typing experience, and affordable price point.

Launched over a decade ago, the K480 stood out from other keyboards on the market with its unique square shape and built-in cradle. Made from durable plastic, it has a solid feel despite its bulky size. The integrated tray allows users to view multiple devices at once, whether a tablet in landscape mode or a phone and tablet together. Its six-row keyboard layout provides a standard typing experience across devices too.

Where this keyboard really shines is its versatility. Using the dial on the top left, users can seamlessly switch between up to three paired devices. This makes light work of moving between tasks on a laptop, tablet, and phone without missing a beat. Connectivity to Android, iOS and Windows devices is simple to set up, and the keyboard works instantly once paired without any additional software.

After continuous daily use for many years, typing on the K480 still feels great. Keys have a tactile click and generous travel for a comfortable experience. Its two AAA batteries can power the keyboard for over a year on a single set too. While device sizes have changed, the overall functionality holds up excellently a decade later.

Where the K480 truly offers best value now is its highly affordable price point. Originally retailing for around 3000 INR, it's widely available for half that cost or even less online and in stores. For the connectivity, versatility and reliable performance it provides, it remains an outstanding keyboard investment even at its original launch price.

While a few small updates would be welcome, the Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard continues to impress as a versatile companion for multiple devices. Its enduring design and build quality have stood the test of time, cementing its place as a tech favorite even after 10 years. For seamless switching and comfortable typing across devices, it remains a -friendly solution that delivers excellent long-term value.

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