Staging of G20 events reveals the Objective of ‘Bharat’


The proliferation of political controversies these days is on expected lines because besides the state elections in some parts being in offing the nation—Bharat/ is also eagerly awaiting the Lok Sabha ‘battle' in the coming year. As things are moving in Bharat for some people and India for others, there is likelihood that scores of more similar types of conflicts will find their way across the country and to a large extent, the .

The latest row over the name of the country between the Government and others in opposition is uncalled for, parties on both ends wanted to be on loggerheads that may polarize the scenario ahead of poll season because as per Supreme Court all the entities are free to call this great nation with any of the names whether Bharat or India. What is interesting is the fact that post joining the hands by the opposition parties and naming their amalgam as INDI Alliance, both the BJP and the INDI Alliance wanted the issue of names to escalate and to push the things in a manner that suit them individually that would pay political dividend to each of them out of this new controversy on Bharat or India?

It is difficult to say at present that which flock will encash from this unique and unprecedented conflict but the spirit behind for sure is the irritation of BJP towards I.N.D.I.A being projected in the guise of ‘INDIA' and the deep sulk of opposition to the invitation with annotation the ‘President of Bharat.'

While the government's intentions of putting Bharat over India came clear when not only the country but the entire world saw how the planners and Organisers of this mega G20 event spread the aura of Bharat at the G 20 Summit and among the top guests and its other important participants. From the moment of their arrival to their departure and two days of in between, the world leaders and their associates were spell bound by unique introductions blended with symbols and icons of Bharatiya rich History, Culture, Heritage, Ethos, Beliefs, Folks, Dances and hospitality. However, the opposition, as usual, takes these meticulous organising skills as a political gimmick to woo the countrymen and gain votes by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

If there was something else behind the row, both the parties would have taken cue from the advice given the Supreme Court in 2016, when the Apex Court observed that if a countryman wanted to call it Bharat, he or she can go ahead and on the contrary if some is interested in using word India, he is also welcome. With this, the top court in the country had dismissed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) which sought a direction that India be called ‘Bharat' for all purposes. This significant advice by the Supreme Court was significant in the context of present conflict raked up over the wording of a G20 dinner invitation from the President's office that described Droupadi Murmu as the “President of Bharat”. The court had observed at that time that there is no change in circumstances to consider any change in Article 1 of the Constitution of India which says, “India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States.”

The people of the country should remain wary over such unnecessary controversies in the coming time as political entities would continue to cook controversies just to satiate their petty political interests and there is no reason or need to become the tool of such entities by losing rationale and getting carried away.