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Life StyleSimple step test exposes declining fitness levels among Indians, highlighting need for...

Simple step test exposes declining fitness levels among Indians, highlighting need for action


The results of a recent study assessing cardiorespiratory fitness levels among young Indian adults make for sobering reading. Conducted by researchers in Gujarat, the trial saw a troubling 40% of participants unable to complete the widely-used Queens College Step Test.

This sub-maximal exercise evaluation provides insight into endurance levels and estimated cardio-pulmonary performance through stepping up and down from a platform at specific intervals. Though a basic assessment, failure signals inadequate stamina and potential underlying issues.

Offering cause for concern, the high number of test failures highlighted the need to better educate youth about maintaining an active lifestyle. Leading experts warn of growing risks like heart disease and diabetes linked to declining fitness.

With modern conveniences and screen-focused habits, many lack the daily physical activity that was once standard. The call is out for greater awareness of benefits, more physical and school screenings using low-cost tests.

Prevention is better than cure. With small changes like incorporating regular movement into routines, we can invest in lifelong and wellbeing. This wake-up call through a simple fitness evaluation must serve as a catalyst for positive change.

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