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TechnologySamsung Music Frame Combines Photo Display and Audio Playback in Unique Smart...

Samsung Music Frame Combines Photo Display and Audio Playback in Unique Smart Speaker


Samsung has introduced an innovative new smart speaker called the Music Frame that combines audio and visual functionality. More than your average wireless speaker, the Music Frame doubles as a digital picture frame, allowing users to display their favorite when music is not playing.

Measuring in at 12.9 inches square, the Music Frame can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall like a traditional frame. Its customizable bezel allows consumers to match the look of the speaker to their home decor. Beyond displaying images, the Music Frame connects to WiFi and Bluetooth to stream high-quality audio from paired devices such as smartphones, laptops or Samsung TVs.

Through the SmartThings app, Music Frame owners can upload their photo library or select from preloaded images. Two or more units can also be connected for enhanced stereo sound. Support for technologies like Dolby Atmos and Bluetooth tapping ensures a rich, immersive listening experience whether enjoying music individually or throughout multiple rooms.

Priced at Rs. 29,990, the Music Frame packs impressive specs into its minimalist design. Its 120W output is delivered through a 2.0 channel system of six speakers optimized using proprietary sound calibration. Formats like HiFi streaming on Spotify and wireless streaming via Chromecast provide versatile playback options. Consumers get the best of both visual arts and audio from this versatile smart speaker that's more than just a box for wireless tunes.

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