Roping in Interpol!

In pursuance to its resolve, the Kashmir Police to dismantle the terror eco-system in J&K Union Territory, it is contemplating to approached the Interpol (International Criminal Police Organisation based in London) to nab 36 identified terrorists who have been actively operating and supporting the terror network in J&K especially Doda-Kishtwar region.
The Interpol's assistance is sought to initiate actions against these absconding terrorists who have crossed over to Pakistan, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and other trans-border locations during Nineties and later. They have been consistently prompting and
perpetrating the terror activities with active support of ISI and Pakistan establishment.
The move was prompted by information gathered by the Investigation Agency (NIA) and intelligence units of both the Centreand the state administration during recent targeted raids conducted inthe region in the aftermath of the summit, which concluded recently in J&K.
Following a series of raids, and information, data, and documents gathered revealed that several local terrorists are operating from across the border, activating sleeper modules and overground workers, and also influencing youths to engage in disruptive activities and terror attacks.
Reportedly, the Police have prepared dossiers and other evidence and are ready to submit a request to Interpol for the issuance of red notices for the fugitives. Interpol uses its global network to track down and apprehend offenders and fugitives and proceeds with legal action for their extradition.
These terrorists who had previously slipped out of Indian Territory have been operating from Pakistan and PoK are mobilising local over-ground workers in J&K.
The J&K police should ensure that the cases pursued before the Interpol should be foolproof as it is very important for to get these terror mongers back and taken to task.
It is pertinent to mention that the terrorists who have taken refuge in Pakistan are not only sowing the seeds of radicalisation among youth but also inciting them to become part of anti-national activities. It is unfortunate that despite being exposed a number of
times, the rogue country Pakistan is abetting terrorism through different means and one such means is providing shelter to terrorists entering that country legally or illegally as was the case of aforesaid 36 terrorists. Though surgical strikes and Balakot air strike have taught a lesson to Pakistan but the unprincipled nation is not in a mood to mend its ways therefore India needs to opt for a multi-pronged strategy to counter Pak's nefarious designs with Interpol's help being one among many steps needed to stop export of terrorism by Pakistan.