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EditorialOver Ground Workers A Big Challenge

Over Ground Workers A Big Challenge


As another Over Ground Worker (OGW), who was a headmaster by profession was arrested along with a pistol and two Chinese grenades in Hari Budha area of Poonch district, one can say that there exists a big challenge in the shape of these perpetrators of terrorism.

Reportedly, 39 RR of 6 Sector, Romeo Force with & Police and SOG Poonch have arrested a registered OGW along with a Pakistan-made pistol and two Chinese grenades in his house. It is being said by the security forces that the consignment recovered was suspected to be used to disturb the upcoming election. There is no doubt in the fact that the security forces have achieved a lot in wiping out terrorism from J&K but still such OGWs and hybrid terrorists have been giving sleepless nights to men in uniform because these comprise terror remnants in the Union Territory as big names in the terrorism have been eliminated by the continuous operations carried out by the army, police and other security forces especially after inception of the Modi Government in 2014.

It is pertinent to mention that both OGWs and hybrid terrorists, ostensibly civilians, play a critical role in sustaining and enabling terrorism without directly engaging in acts of violence. Their actions pose a persistent obstacle to peace and stability in the region, complicating security measures and undermining efforts to restore normalcy. Like the big catch in Poonch District, the OGWs are non-combatants who support terror organizations through logistical, financial, and moral support. Unlike underground terrorists, who engage in direct confrontations with security forces, OGWs blend into the civilian population, making it challenging for authorities to identify and neutralize them. They facilitate the movement of arms and supplies, gather intelligence, spread propaganda, and recruit vulnerable sections of the local population, thereby acting as a crucial nexus between covert terror activities and things going on the surface in society.

The civilian status draped by OGWs grant them a facade of innocence, which is exploited to evade law enforcement agencies. Besides, OGWs also use unemployment, political disenchantment, and social unrest to exploit and sway individuals towards terrorism thus constituting a dangerous segment of society which can harm in a big way. The challenge of OGWs and Hybrid terrorists in the Union Territory is a stark reminder of the complexities involved in restoring peace in the region.

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