Rohit Gupta seeks regularization of daily wagers

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Tawi, April 24: Apni Party Provincial Secretary / District President Jammu Urban, Dr Rohit Gupta has appealed to the Govt to regularize all the daily wagers.


In a statement to the press, Dr Gupta said that the daily wagers have been put to unnecessary financial suffering with low wages as the prices of the essential commodities and school fees have spiked up to an unbearable level.


He said that these poor daily wagers are facing exploitation from the Govt which is responsible for the protection of the rights of the people as per the rule of the law.


He also demanded release of their pending wages and regular monthly wages. He said that the enhancement of their daily wagers from Rs 225 to Rs 300 before the arrival of the Prime Minister was an eyewash. He demanded their regularization without further delay.


Meanwhile, he said that Youth Crops (NYC) volunteers were recruited from time to time by the Govt but they were paid wages of Rs 83 per day