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EditorialPushing beliefs over scientific temper!

Pushing beliefs over scientific temper!


In , IITs have been considered as one of the most coveted educational and institutions as they hold an exceptional record of producing the top technological assets in the country and even abroad because there are so many IITians who rule the as far as different technological fields are concerned. Anything associated with India's IITs are taken as impeccable and flawless but the recent controversy surfaced from IIT Mandi has put a big question mark on the aforesaid reputation of this prestigious institutions spread across length and breadth of the country IIT Kanpur, Bombay, Kharagpur, etc. having set new benchmarks in the studies of engineering with top companies of the country and outside the country recognizing the same persistently and without any doubt.

Having such a reputation, a controversy raised by none other than the Director of IIT Mandi does not go with the scientific temper because he has asked students to take a pledge not support cruelty against the animals and thus avoid eating meat. He claimed that landslides and cloudbursts in Pradesh are happening because of cruelty to animals.

While expressing concern against the cruelty to animals is appreciable and such a message should be disseminated to the young generation but linking this humane instinct with the natural and geographical phenomenon are uncalled for.  As the science has certain rules and procedures to give nod to a theory or for falsifying the same, what the top official of aforesaid IIT has said cannot be rejected but unfortunately, the theory forcefully employed on students is not backed with any study or logic therefore accepting the same without questioning and seeking logic is also something which science doesn't permits.

The assertion made by IIT Mandi Director at the first instance seems to a little weird because as far as logic behind the theory is concerned, the top official of the institution doesn't possess any logical response as if what he is claiming is something divine and out of dogmas set up by the scientific world across the globe.

The issue whether people should eat meat or not is out of purview of the discussion of this write up but the aforesaid claim is equally ‘absurd', at least till the time, the assertion made by the IIT Director accompanies some study, logic or reasoning because without these, in science this is either a hypothesis without proof or in simpler words a full-fledged superstition, which should not be believed or given importance until the one who is supporting the same comes with a valid study or analysis.

In a viral video of IIT Mandi Director, he has been relating the frequent landslides and cloud bursts besides other natural calamities to cruelty against animal and meat eating habits of people and asked his students to vow that they will stop eating meat.  Reportedly, the people active on Internet have criticized the academician but as far as science is concerned, to approve or disapprove any theory, empirical study is a must and therefore until a study under scientific framework is completed to get to the basis of this strange theory given by IIT Mandi Director, people should keep their fingers crossed as there is no scope in science to say yes or no to a theory till the time experimental or logical proof accompanies the same.

Though reports have averred that the aforesaid official has not yet responded in the matter, therefore what is being shared on the social media should be taken as just one's personal belief or superstition.



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