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    EditorialThe Pot calls the Kettle black !

    The Pot calls the Kettle black !


    The Pot calls the Kettle black!

    The separatists, communalists and pseudo-secularist parties in valley have always crying hoarse on the slightest pretext saying that there is a plan to change the demography of the only Muslim majority state . They have demonstrated this mindset many a times in the past and present, may it be raising temporary sheds for Amarnath Yatra, re-settlement of Kashmiri Pandits back in safe zones, proposal of a colony in Kashmir for the local ex-servicemen, issuance of Dogra domicile certificate or Identity Card to the 1947- partition refugees etc etc…. They had invariably taken their misplaced propaganda to such an extreme that spoiled the normal peace resulting into deaths of hundreds of youth who got swayed by such element in Kashmir.

    They never leave an opportunity accusing PDP-BJP led government of providing shelter to the communal forces which according to them are attacking and harassing the Muslim community across the division.

    Unfortunately, the situation is another way round. These separatists and other Kashmir centric leaders were responsible for displacing Kashmir Pandits from the valley, created fear psychosis for residual minorities, changing names of town, districts and historical places in Kashmir and even sub-regions in Jammu province.  They don't speak a word over Rohingyas or Bangladeshis penetrating in parts of the Jammu city. The shocking reports question how vulnerable these foreign nationals, illegally staying in the city, were for the security of the nation. It is intriguing why these segments of settlers did not evoke any alarm either among mainstreamists or separatists. Is it so that their religious affiliation is conducive and convenient for rubble rousers in the Kashmir ?

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