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TechnologyHow to Setup Windows 11's Free Ransomware Protection and Safeguard your Devices

How to Setup Windows 11’s Free Ransomware Protection and Safeguard your Devices


Microsoft's Windows 11 comes equipped with powerful security features to protect users from rising cyber threats like ransomware attacks. These integrated protections for viruses, malware and ransomware can be easily enabled to safeguard your personal files and sensitive data. Here is a quick guide to setup Windows 11's built-in ransomware protection and help shield your devices from online dangers.

As ransomware incidents continue to spike, Microsoft has made it simple for Windows 11 users to take advantage of its free and robust security tools. By linking your OneDrive account and enabling features like Controlled Folder Access, your system can be automatically guarded against unauthorized access or modification of important documents and folders.

With a few simple toggles in your Windows Security settings, your PC can now have around-the-clock monitoring and real-time blocking of suspicious applications or untrusted devices attempting to enter your protected data vaults. Even if a ransomware somehow slips through, Windows 11's integrated recovery options through OneDrive backup ensures your files can be easily restored.

With rising cyber threats targeting individuals and businesses every day, enabling Windows 11's in-built defenses only takes a few minutes but provides lasting peace of mind. Its powerful protections are completely free for all users and can make anyone's device much less vulnerable to the dangers of ransomware looming large online.

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