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What science reveals about adaptogens, probiotics, nootropics and CBD in rising functional drink trends

As consumers increasingly seek beverages offering more than just hydration, a wave of so-called “functional drinks” containing trendy plant-based extracts and herbs has taken the market by storm. With claims of boosting wellness, mood and mental performance, these drinks promise more than your average glass of juice. But what does the latest research really reveal about the emerging super-ingredients driving this rapidly growing industry?

Adaptogens dubbed nature's response regulators are among the most buzzworthy additions, with American ginseng, ashwagandha and eleuthero commonly . Studies show these herb-derived compounds may help the body cope with stress and fatigue. Caffeinated compounds also continue gaining popularity for their nootropic or brain-boosting properties. Bacopa monnieri, gotu kola and lion's mane are among the plant-based extracts under scientific investigation for their impact on thinking and memory.

Prebiotics and probiotics also remain staples, aimed at optimizing the trillions of gut microbes linked to whole-body wellness. Research continues exploring how balancing the microbiome through foods like yogurt and supplements influences mood, pain and fatigue. While theory supports their role in gastrointestinal and immune , more work is still needed.

CBD has likewise joined the blend, drawn from its relaxing and pain-relieving qualities without the high of THC. Early evidence hints at CBD's therapeutic potential for issues like anxiety and insomnia, but determining safe, effective doses requires further exploration.

Overall, many functional drink ingredients hold promise based on centuries of traditional use and growing scientific understanding. However, more research at larger scales is required before conclusions can be drawn on their specific health impacts. Quality clinical studies will bring much needed clarity and establish proper dosing for maximizing benefits – and minimizing risks – of these rising superfood trends.

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