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Life StyleHow to Make Creamy Homemade Curd this Summer using Expert Tips

How to Make Creamy Homemade Curd this Summer using Expert Tips


As the summer heat rises, we all look for delicious and healthy cooling foods to beat the heat. Homemade curd is a perfect option that is not only tasty but also packed with nutrients. Instead of stepping out to buy curd in this scorching , you can easily prepare it at your home with a few simple steps.

In this article, I will share step-by-step expert tips by MasterChef Shipra Khanna to make thick and creamy curd that is better than any store-bought variety. Curd is praised for its numerous benefits too. It is filled with gut-friendly probiotics, aids digestion, and supports weight management. The best part is that homemade curd allows you to control ingredients and customize flavors as per your taste.

Some key points to perfect homemade curd by Shipra Khanna:

  • Use fresh raw milk for optimum results. Whole milk works wonders.
  • Add a small quantity of plain leftover curd as a starter to get the fermentation going.
  • Maintain the ideal temperature of 110°F/43°Cdegrees for proper curdling. You can use a yogurt maker, oven light, or insulated container.
  • Clean utensils, ideally clay pots, help avoid growth of unwanted bacteria.
  • Allow enough time, around 8-12 hours, for curd to thicken without disturbing.
  • Check the consistency and refrigerate when desired thickness is achieved.
  • Save some curd to use as starter culture for subsequent batches.

You can also experiment with variations like adding honey, berries, or almonds once curd has set. Homemade curd guarantees freshness and complete control over ingredients. Give these tips a try to make the best curd this summer!

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