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Life StyleThe Hidden Impact of Bananas on the Nutritional Value of your Smoothie

The Hidden Impact of Bananas on the Nutritional Value of your Smoothie


When creating a nutritious smoothie, bananas are a popular ingredient choice due to their creaminess and natural sweetness. However, new insights from medical experts suggest bananas may actually reduce the benefits derived from other nutrient-packed smoothie add-ins.

Functional medicine practitioner Dr. Pedi Mirdamadi recently highlighted on social media that the enzyme polyphenol oxidase (PPO), naturally found in bananas, can negatively interact with polyphenols present in berries, greens powders and other supplements frequently included in smoothies. As a reporter researching this topic, I sought expert perspectives on how this enzyme interaction works and its implications.

Registered dietician Kanikka Malhotra explained that when cut or blended, PPO in bananas activates upon exposure to oxygen. It then oxidizes health-supporting polyphenols, degrading their bioavailability. “The more banana used, especially if ripe, the greater the PPO introduction and potential compromise of valuable polyphenols from other fruits,” noted Malhotra.

If optimizing polyphenol intake through smoothies, banana-dominant blends may not achieve this goal. However, bananas still offer nutritional value when potassium or energy is needed. The right combination of ingredients ultimately dictates a smoothie's holistic nourishment.

For equivalent creamy texture and natural sugary kick sans high PPO, mango, avocado, frozen berries and dates were suggested alternatives by Malhotra. While “green” smoothies don't always equal health, fiber-rich whole fruits are most ideal. Excess sugar, whether honey or syrup, also negates benefits.

In accurately presenting the science, this exposé aimed to inform smoothie enthusiasts of an hidden impact regarding a routine ingredient choice, arming readers with knowledge for selective alterations enhancing their beverages' nutrition. Maintaining health requires understanding both sides of each topic.

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