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Life StyleHow your liver plays a role in managing blood pressure and your...

How your liver plays a role in managing blood pressure and your health


Hypertension Day is observed every year to raise awareness and promote prevention of high blood pressure. While diet and lifestyle factors are widely known to influence hypertension, the important role of liver is often overlooked.

The liver performs vital functions related to blood pressure regulation. It produces proteins that control constriction of blood vessels and balance of sodium and water levels in the body. These processes help maintain steady blood volume and blood pressure. If the liver is overloaded or unhealthy, it can disrupt these mechanisms and potentially lead to high or low blood pressure.

Two major factors that burden the liver and also contribute to hypertension are dehydration and an imbalanced diet. Not drinking enough water reduces blood volume, overworking the heart and increasing pressure readings. An unhealthy diet high in salt, sugar and processed foods can damage the liver over time or cause water retention and hormonal imbalances influencing blood pressure.

Chronic stress is another issue as it keeps stress hormones constantly elevated in the body. This strains the liver's ability to detoxify and manage metabolism over the long run. stress also often drives poor coping habits that further tax the liver.

Experts recommend various lifestyle modifications to support optimal liver function and lower blood pressure risk. Filling up on fruits and veggies, staying hydrated, limiting alcohol, exercising regularly, quitting smoking if applicable, and pursuing stress-reduction activities can all help keep the liver and cardiovascular systems healthy. Consulting a medical professional is also wise to monitor liver markers and blood pressure levels. Small changes made daily can go a long way in protecting this vital organ and maintaining a normal pressure reading.

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